Welcome to the new home of Riveal and Revelator.

Riveal is a free application that extracts media (sounds, movies, and pictures) from the data files of the Myst series of games and from other games produced by Cyan Worlds and Presto Studios. It also extracts media from a few other games like Alida, BioShock, and BioShock 2.

Revelator is a free application that extracts media from Myst IV: Revelation.

Ron Hayter - the author of this website and the creator of Riveal - has passed from our world into the next. This website has been restored in his memory. For more about Ron's passing and to leave a word of appreciation, please visit the Tribute page.

Ron's previous domain (RSHayter.net instead of .com) was appropriated by malware. Please help update links and spread the word about the new domain, which has been restored in its original form (with just a few small functionality improvements). All inquiries can be sent to the webmaster.