Myst 4 Viewer

by Nathan Gilbert
AKA Tahgtahv

Download Myst4Viewer.rar

The Load Archive button opens any of the .m4b data files from Myst IV: Revelation and displays its contents. The main data.m4b archive is the most interesting as it contains all of the images for the nodes in the game. After loading data.m4b, you can find a node by going to the globalwXzYYnZZZwXzYYnZZZ.m4bcubelayer_default.m4b folder. The node will be displayed as soon as you select it.

While viewing a node, these keys can be used:

left, right, up, down arrows Scroll the image
F1 Toggle the rendering window fullscreen
F4 Switch between flat (for closeups) and panoramic (for nodes)

The Export button extracts the contents of the selected node to the specified directory (ignoring the filename). Be warned, a node can take several seconds to export. The root of data.m4b can take half a day or more because of the sheer number of files.

There are some vestiges of the original purpose of the program, which was to provide directional data for photogrammetry. As you move the mouse around in the rendering window, the current direction is displayed in the bottom left of the main window. Clicking copies this direction to the text box on the right, useful for getting a coordinate in fullscreen mode or to archive points. The View button shows the text box if it is not already visible, and the Clear button clears it. You can safely ignore these parts of the program.