Revelator 7.1.4

by Ron Hayter

Revelator n: One who makes a revelation; a revealer.

Revelator is a free application that extracts sounds, movies, pictures, and subtitles from the data files of Myst IV: Revelation. Sounds, movies, and pictures can be extracted from the Myst IV demo, too. Revelator can also extract the player's in-game snapshots and journal entries from saved game files.

There are two versions of Revelator, one for Mac OS X and the other for Windows.

Download Revelator for Mac OS X.

Download Revelator for Windows.

Being a Java application, Revelator requires a Java SE 6 (or later) runtime. Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and 10.6 (Snow Leopard) have Java 6 built in; OS X Lion (10.7), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8), OS X Mavericks (10.9), and OS X Yosemite (10.10) will offer to install Java, if needed. For Windows, you may need to download and install Java, which you can get from

New in Revelator 7.1.4

  • Mac only: Compatibility with OS X Mavericks and Yosemite.



Revelator extracts sounds, movies, pictures, and subtitles from the data files of Myst IV: Revelation and from the demo version. It can also extract your in-game snapshots and journal entries from saved game files.

(If you want the sounds, movies, and pictures from other games in the Myst series, try Riveal, my other free extractor. It also extracts media from Myst IV and is more comprehensive than Revelator in what it extracts. Revelator is more selective, extracting only the most interesting sounds, movies, pictures, textures, subtitles, and journals from Myst IV.)

Don't steal music. Or sounds or movies or pictures.

Much of the content extracted by Revelator is protected by copyright. Your journal entries and in-game snapshots belong to you but the rest does not. Please respect the rights of the copyright owners and do not redistribute their work without their permission.

Running Revelator

Mac OS X version:

  • Double-click Revelator.
  • It will ask you to point to the folder where Myst IV is installed. Normally, this folder is "/Applications/Ubisoft/MystIV". Alternatively, you can choose one of the game DVDs. To get everything, you will need to extract files from the two DVDs individually.
  • Then, it will ask you where to save the files.
  • Next, you can choose whether to extract music, extract dialogue and other sounds, extract movies, extract pictures, or extract subtitles.
  • Click the Extract Files button. After a lot of disk activity, you should have many ".ogg", ".wav", ".bik", ".png", ".jpeg", ".tga", and ".txt" files.
  • When you click on the Extract Journal button, you will be asked to choose a saved game file. Revelator will extract your snapshots and journal entries, putting them into an HTML file in the extracted file location.

Windows version:

  • Install Java if you do not already have it.
  • Make sure that "Revelator.jar" is downloaded intact and not split apart. WinRAR seems especially keen to expand ".jar" files.
  • Check that Windows knows that ".jar" files should be opened with the Java Runtime Environment. The Windows Explorer should describe "Revelator.jar" as an Executable Jar File. If not, shift-right-click on "Revelator.jar" and choose the Open With... command. Pick "Java(TM) Platform SE binary" from the list of programs. (You may need to use the Choose Program... command and the Browse... button to find "javaw.exe". It will probably be in "c:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\" or something close to that.) Be sure to check "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file", then press OK.
  • If all goes well, double-clicking "Revelator.jar" will start Revelator.
  • It will ask you to point to the folder where Myst IV is installed. Normally, this folder is "c:\Program Files\UBISOFT\Myst IV - Revelation". Alternatively, you can choose one of the game DVDs. To get everything, you will need to extract files from the two DVDs individually.
  • Then, it will ask you where to save the files.
  • Next, you can choose whether to extract music, extract dialogue and other sounds, extract movies, extract pictures, or extract subtitles.
  • Click the Extract Files button. After a lot of disk activity, you should have many ".ogg", ".wav", ".bik", ".png", ".jpeg", ".tga", and ".txt" files.
  • When you click on the Extract Journal button, you will be asked to choose a saved game file. Revelator will extract your snapshots and journal entries, putting them into an HTML file in the extracted file location.


Revelator can extract sounds, movies, and so on from the data files on your hard disk. Alternatively, if you do not have a full installation of Myst IV on your hard disk, you can extract from the game DVDs. Disc 1 has the music, dialogue, sound effects, nearly all pictures, and a very few movies. Disc 2 has almost all of the movies and a few pictures. You might also extract from the game DVDs if you want dialogue (disc 1), movies (disc 2), or pictures (disc 2) in a language other than the one installed on your hard disk. Subtitles can only be extracted from version 1.0.3 of Myst IV on your hard disk.

Many of the extracted files have names that include letters and numbers like "w1_z02_n030". The "w", "z", and "n" mean "world", "zone", and "node", and each is numbered. Within each of the 5 five main worlds (or Ages), there are 4 to 8 zones, and each zone contains 10 to 30 nodes.

World Location
w1 Tomahna (nighttime)
w2 Haven
w3 Spire
w4 Serenia
w5 Tomahna (daytime)
w6 Intro, game interface, and credits


The sounds in Myst IV can be roughly categorized as music, dialogue, and sound effects. The music files usually have names with the characters "MU_" at the start or in the middle. Revelator helpfully puts these files into a "music" subfolder of the "sound" folder. There are a couple of songs which are unique to the Myst IV demo.

Most sounds are put into the "sound" folder. All sounds that include dialogue are put into a "sound" subfolder of the "english" folder, if you chose English as your language when you installed the game. If you chose a different language, the "sound" subfolder will be inside the "dutch", "french", "german", "italian", or "spanish" folder instead.

The most interesting music is in Ogg Vorbis (".ogg") format, as is most dialogue. Sound effects are usually in WAVE (".wav") format.

Any audio application should be able to play the WAVE files.

To hear the Ogg Vorbis sounds, you will need to use a music player that understands that format. If you install the Xiph QuickTime Components available at, all applications that use QuickTime (iTunes, for instance) should be able to play these music files. To listen to the music on an iPod, you will need to use iTunes to convert the files to AAC or MP3. You might want to also convert the WAVE files to reduce their size.

Collector's Edition Soundtrack

The Collector's Edition of the game came with a half-hour soundtrack of 9 MP3 songs, only some of which were later included on the official soundtrack CD. These are the music files from the game that correspond to the Collector's Edition soundtrack:

File CE Soundtrack Name CE Soundtrack File Soundtrack CD Name
MU_Menu_LP.ogg Revelation Main Theme 01_MAIN THEME.mp3 Main Theme
FULL_Play_MU_TO_02B_FULL.ogg Finding Yeesha 02_TOMAHNA.mp3 -
FULL_Play_MU_SA_01_full.ogg Serenia 03_SERENIA.mp3 Enter Serenia
MU_SP_2A.ogg The Prison Cell 04_SPIRE_PRISON LEVEL3.mp3 -
FULL_Play_MU_HN_01D_full.ogg Predator 05_HAVEN PREDATOR.mp3 -
but embellished
Sirrus 06_SIRRUS.mp3 -
but embellished
Bomb Factory 07_BOMB FACTORYwav.mp3 -
- Predator Revisited 08_HAVEN PREDATOR2.mp3 -
FULL_Play_MU_HN_03_full.ogg Welcome 11_WVB_WELCOME.mp3 Welcome

Soundtrack CD

Here are those music files from the game that correspond to the soundtrack CD:

File(s) Folder Track
MU_Menu_LP.ogg sound/music Main Theme
w5_z01_n010_p_yee2_s02b_p01.ogg english/sound Yeesha's Joyride
FULL_Play_MU_TO_01A_full.ogg +
sound/music Enter Tomahna
MU_TO_2a.ogg sound/music
from the Myst IV demo
w1_z06_n010_p_ach_s10_p01.ogg english/sound Achenar's Prelude
w2_z02_n190_p_parasail_fullscr_joyride.wav +
Jungle Landing
FULL_Play_MU_HN_01B_full.ogg sound/music The Swamp
FULL_Play_MU_HN_01C_full.ogg sound/music The Predator
FULLSEQ_Play_MU_HN_02_full.ogg sound/music Lakeside
w4_z05_n050_p_ach_s17_p01.ogg english/sound Achenar Meeting
FULL_Play_MU_HN_03_full.ogg sound/music Welcome
FULLSEQ_Play_MU_SP_01_full.ogg sound/music Enter Spire
FULL_Play_MU_SP_02_full.ogg sound/music Prison Level
w4_z06_n230_p_sir_s19_p01.ogg +
english/sound Sirrus Defends / Sirrus' Rage
FULL_Play_MU_SP_03_full.ogg sound/music Nearest Island
w3_z06_n070_p_tr_w3_z01_n250_default_transit.ogg sound Leaving Spire
FULL_Play_MU_SA_01_full.ogg sound/music Enter Serenia
FULL_Play_MU_SA_02_full.ogg sound/music The Monastery
CHOIR_Play_MU_SA_03A_choir1.ogg +
sound/music Dream
FULL_Play_MU_SA_02A_full.ogg sound/music Hall of Spirits
sound/music The Serenians
w4_z06_n161_p_ach_s29_p01.ogg +
english/sound The Revelation / The Sacrifice
w4_z06_n210_p_ach_s35_p01.ogg english/sound End Game
w4_z06_n210_p_cin2_s36_p01.ogg english/sound Atrus' Speech

Thanks to Eric and realXCV for compiling this information!

If you can find it, I recommend buying the Myst IV soundtrack CD. Unfortunately, it appears to be unavailable from Ubisoft.

Other Music

Peter Gabriel's song Curtains is not on the soundtrack CD but it can be found in the file "MU_MENU_Credit.ogg". "PG_MU_SA_03_PG_edit.ogg" is a shortened version of the song, and there is also another version of the full song in "Instrumental_MU_SA_03_PG_Instrumental.ogg".

The remaining music files add up to almost 3 1/2 hours but most are short: a minute long or less. Here are some of the best songs that do not appear on the soundtrack CD (thanks to Aaron and Eric for some of the suggestions):

File(s) Folder Notes
MU_Menu_Demo_LP.ogg sound/music
from the Myst IV demo
MU_Menu_LP.ogg sound/music
from the Myst IV demo
A bit different from the final MU_Menu_LP.ogg.
MU_TO_1.ogg sound/music
(from the Myst IV demo)
A bit different from FULL_Play_MU_TO_01A_full.ogg.
Mu_autorun_lp_lr.wav \win32\autorun\Bin
from either of the game DVDs
but only in Windows
A bit different from FULL_Play_MU_SP_02_full.ogg.
FULL_Play_MU_HN_01_full.ogg sound/music
PAD_Play_MU_HN_01B_angelpad.wav sound/music
FULL_Play_MU_HN_01D_full.ogg sound/music
PADMIX_Play_MU_HN_02_padmix.ogg sound/music
CHOIR_Play_MU_RIGHT_OFFER_full.ogg sound/music
INSTRUMENT_Play_MU_SA_01_instr.ogg sound/music
CHOIR_Play_MU_SA_01_choir1.ogg sound/music
PAD_Play_MU_SA_01a_pad.ogg sound/music
CHOIR_Play_MU_SA_02_choir1.ogg sound/music
CHOIR_Play_MU_SA_02_choir2.ogg sound/music
FULL_Play_MU_SA_02A_stick.ogg sound/music
FULL_Play_MU_SA_02A_half.ogg sound/music
CHOIR_Play_MU_SA_03A_choir3.ogg +
CHOIR_Play_MU_SA_03A_choir4.ogg +
CHOIR_Play_MU_SA_03A_choir5.ogg +
CHOIR_Play_MU_SA_03A_choir6.ogg +
PAD_Play_MU_SP_02_pad.ogg sound/music
MU_SP_2A.ogg sound/music
BANHU_Play_MU_SP_2A_banhu9.ogg sound/music
PAD_Play_MU_SP_2A_pad1.wav sound/music
EFX_Play_MU_SP_2A_efx4.wav sound/music
PARTS_Play_MU_SP_03_drums1.ogg sound/music
PARTS_Play_MU_SP_03_melody.ogg sound/music
PARTS_Play_MU_SP_03_strings1.ogg sound/music
PARTS_Play_MU_SP_03_strings2.ogg sound/music
PAD_Play_MU_SP_04_pad1.ogg sound/music
PAD_Play_MU_TO_01_orchchoir6.ogg sound/music
PAD_Play_MU_TO_01_orchchoir5.ogg sound/music
PAD_Play_MU_TO_01_orchchoir4.ogg sound/music
PAD_Play_MU_TO_01_pad1.ogg sound/music
MELODY_Play_MU_TO_02A_strings2.ogg sound/music
MELODY_Play_MU_TO_02A_strings1.ogg sound/music
MELODY_Play_MU_TO_02A_baroque6.ogg sound/music
MELODY_Play_MU_TO_02A_baroque5.ogg sound/music
FULL_Play_MU_TO_02B_FULL.ogg sound/music
MELODY_Play_MU_TO_02B_stringshorn4.ogg sound/music
MELODY_Play_MU_TO_02B_stringshorn3.ogg sound/music
MELODY_Play_MU_TO_02B_harpvibes1.ogg sound/music
w2_z05_n170_p_tr_w2_z02_n060_final_ride_transit.ogg sound
w3_z02_n500_p_centre_bas_aller_f_music.ogg sound
w4_z04_n020_p_fullscreen_bathexp_cin.ogg sound
w5_z01_n110_p_explosion_cinematique.ogg sound

In the game, many of the short musical phrases are assembled dynamically into long sequences of background music. realXCV has written a free Myst IV music player that can do the same thing outside of the game. His music player works directly on the Myst IV data files — there is no need to use Revelator first.

The Myst IV linking sound is "SFX_GL_Travelling_Effect.ogg".


To play the Bink (".bik") movies, you will need a player. RAD Game Tools has players for Mac OS X and Windows at

Note that the movies are silent. Pairing each movie with its soundtrack is usually straightforward. The corresponding sound file almost always has the same name as the movie file but ending with ".ogg" or ".wav" instead of ".bik". Here are some of the pairs to get you started (thanks, again, to Eric):

Movie File Sound File
w6_z01_n021_p_intro_full.bik w6_z01_n021_p_intro_full.ogg
w5_z01_n010_p_yee2_s02b_p01.bik w5_z01_n010_p_yee2_s02b_p01.ogg
w5_z01_n010_p_yee_s02_p05.bik w5_z01_n010_p_yee_s02_p05.ogg
w5_z01_n110_p_explosion_cinematique.bik w5_z01_n110_p_explosion_cinematique.ogg
w1_z00_n000_p_tr_w1_z00_n000_flyby_transit.bik w1_z00_n000_p_tr_w1_z00_n000_flyby_transit.ogg
w2_z00_n000_p_tr_w2_z00_n000_flyby_transit.bik w2_z00_n000_p_tr_w2_z00_n000_flyby_transit.ogg
w2_z02_n190_p_parasail_fullscr_joyride.bik w2_z02_n190_p_parasail_fullscr_joyride.wav
w2_z05_n170_p_tr_w2_z02_n060_final_ride_transit.bik w2_z05_n170_p_tr_w2_z02_n060_final_ride_transit.ogg
w3_z00_n000_p_tr_w3_z00_n000_flyby_transit.bik w3_z00_n000_p_tr_w3_z00_n000_flyby_transit.ogg
w3_z06_n070_p_tr_w3_z01_n250_default_transit.bik w3_z06_n070_p_tr_w3_z01_n250_default_transit.ogg
w4_z01_n990_p_tr_w4_z01_n010_default_transit.bik w4_z01_n990_p_tr_w4_z01_n010_default_transit.ogg
w4_z04_n020_p_fullscreen_bathexp_cin.bik w4_z04_n020_p_fullscreen_bathexp_cin.ogg
w4_z04_n020_p_cin_s16_p01.bik w4_z04_n020_p_cin_s16_p01.ogg
w4_z06_n210_p_cin2_s27_p06.bik w4_z06_n210_p_cin_s27_p06.ogg
w4_z06_n210_p_cin2_s36_p01.bik w4_z06_n210_p_cin2_s36_p01.ogg

Note the slight difference in the file names in the penultimate example.


There are several kinds of pictures in Myst IV. A few are in TGA format and they are the fonts used in the game. Many others are in PNG format: textures, game interface elements, and thumbnails. The thumbnails are in the "zip" subfolder and are used for zip mode. It is interesting to compare the thumbnails in the Myst IV demo with the final versions; you can see some very early renders of Tomahna, Haven, Spire, and Serenia in the demo.

If you choose to extract cube pictures, you will have a huge number of JPEG images for the hundreds of nodes in the game. Each node is a cube and your eyes are at the center. The six faces of the cube (front, back, left, right, top, and bottom) are each made up of a grid of 6-by-6 images, a total of 216 images per cube. The Myst IV engine warps the faces of the cube mathematically into the interior of a sphere so that you can look around freely.


To extract subtitles, you must have installed the version 1.0.3 update of Myst IV (Mac, Windows). The subtitle file corresponding to some dialogue has the same name as the sound file but ends with "-subtitle.txt" rather than ".ogg" or ".wav". The subtitle files are extracted into the "patch" folder.


An extracted journal can be viewed and printed from any web browser. In the browser, all pages of the journal are displayed within one window but, when printed, each page is put on its own sheet of paper. Printing in landscape orientation produces the best results. For the full Myst IV experience, you will want to install a hand-written font. The official font of Myst IV is Revelation. For Mac OS X users, the built-in Sand font looks quite good.

Version History

1.0 2004-10-16 Extraction of music in Ogg Vorbis format.
2.0 2004-10-24 Extraction of dialogue and other sounds in Ogg Vorbis format.
3.0 2004-12-26 Extraction of more music and other sounds in WAVE format, and Bink movies.
3.0.1 2005-01-05 Fixed the loud click at the end of many sound effects.
4.0 2005-01-22 Extraction of journals.
4.1 2005-02-15 Improved the extracted journals.
5.0 2005-03-05 Extraction of subtitles.
6.0 2006-04-16 Extraction of pictures.
6.0.1 2006-04-21 Fixed a minor bug: Hand-written notes are now extracted independently of the cube pictures.
6.1 2006-11-03 Extraction from the game DVDs.
Improved the HTML generated for extracted journals.
Made various usability improvements.
Updated this document with soundtrack information.
2006-12-31 Added a bit more soundtrack information to this document.
6.2 2007-09-05 Made a few minor changes.
2007-11-11 Added information about the Collector's Edition soundtrack.
2008-10-21 Added a bit more soundtrack information to this document.
7.0 2008-12-19 Improved the names of all extracted sounds (music, dialogue, and sound effects) and subtitles. Now it is easy to match up
movies with soundtracks and dialogue with subtitles.
Extraction of many more textures.
Improved the extraction of journals.
Fixed some of the extracted sounds and filtered out approximately 150 silent (placeholder?) sounds.
2009-05-22 Corrected information about the Collector's Edition soundtrack.
7.0.1 2009-07-04 Made some small usability improvements.
7.1 2010-05-29 Extraction of the five "Easter egg" pictures.
Further improved the extraction of journals by using the Revelation font.
Corrected the extraction of a (very) few sounds.
Updated this document with a link to realXCV's Myst IV music player.
2010-07-17 Corrected information about the Collector's Edition soundtrack.
7.1.1 2010-10-05 Improved the handling of errors such as a full disk.
7.1.2 2012-06-10 Moved Revelator to its new home at
Added a note about Java on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).
7.1.3 2012-09-01 Mac only: Compatibility with Mountain Lion.
Now requires a Java SE 6 (or later) runtime.